February 25, 2025 - Second Sunday of Lent

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

     Lent is well into its start, and it is always amazing to me, how the Church in her wisdom on the 2nd Sunday of Lent gives us the Gospel of transfiguration of Jesus before his disciples. The message is clear, that the purpose of Lent is to bring us to the encounter with God. The purpose of Lent is to bring us to individual transfiguration before God. Christ will transform us if we let him guide us, if we listen to his voice and follow him, if we accept his invitation to his friendship. He will transform not only our looks, but above all our hearts. He will transform our lives if we let him take us on the journey of Lent.

    Lent, it is a path to transfiguration after meaningful meeting and experience with God, with Christ, with the Prophets, with the Saints. Transformed by grace, we will find ourselves the way that God meant us to be. This is my beloved son, this is my beloved daughter in whom I am well pleased, are going to be the words of Jesus to us, if we let him take us to the mountain of transfiguration this Lent. This is the goal of Lent, and of Christian life, this is the best that we can be, this is “the best version of ourselves” as Matthew Kelly would say.

    This is the promise of the Gospel, to arrive at the Father's house in heaven. So, letting oneself be transformed, is to let oneself taste the things of heaven. As the disciples said to Jesus: “let us make three tents here and stay, it is so good to be here”, so it is wonderful to make that experience of transfiguration, experience of God, that leads us to transformation of our lives. So, the purpose of Lent is totally positive, even if it looks like it was negative and penitential. There is a purpose in conversion, it refers to abandoning our sinful inclinations, confessing our sins and becoming free for Christ. So, that purification process is the first, accomplished by admitting to our brokenness and need for transformation, for improvement, for conversion, for salvation.

    Penance, is the good way of learning of our brokenness. Who of us doesn't need purification? Who doesn't need conversion? Who doesn't need transformation? We all want to experience Christ’s transfiguration, but to get there we are invited to go to the desert as Jesus was 40 days in the desert; 40 days of Lent, to be tempted, to be exposed for weakness that we have, weakness that we need to deal with.

“Repent and believe in the Gospel!” Take this 40 days with prayer, fasting and almsgiving, and surely the Lord will transform you, and if we be faithful to it; Christ will be transfigured before us, giving us the glimpse of glory, that will inspire us for the time to come and motivate us in our Christian lives. Come Lord Jesus!!!

    Let's take this invitation to make this Lent best ever, by implying ourselves in stepping with Jesus into the desert of our lives, and opening ourselves to the possibility of an encounter with God. “Then the Angels ministered to Him,” as the Gospel says. Let the faith of Abraham be an example of total trust in God and in the gift of resurrection for his son Isaac. For Abraham it became self-evident that if God gave him a son in first place, so God easily can raise him from the dead even if he was going to sacrifice him. Let our faith be as strong today.

God bless everyone always!!!

Fr. Stan