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July 7, 2024 - 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

   As I am writing this article it is Monday, and I hope that we will have a great 4th of July long weekend shared with family and friends. There is nothing as important as family and friends. Our capacity to take care of our home, our family and our friends, is vital for us in order to take care of parish family and the church family. As friends of Jesus, we continue to build our relationship with Him, but as well we invite others into that friendship. This is my wish for everyone that during the summer months, we all enjoy the glory of God in the beauty of nature and in prayer and Sacrament, and then in family and community experience.

     In the Gospel of this Sunday, we have people that wonder at the wisdom of Jesus. And they asked themselves: where did he get all this wisdom? But then they failed to follow Jesus and they showed their lack of faith, because they have preconceived ideas about Him, and were unable to face their own jealousy about Jesus and his popularity. They were missing the essence of that wisdom prevented by the selfish motives, they failed to open their hearts to Christ.

     Knowing the full extent of Jesus love for us, and knowing the wisdom of God‘s plan for Jesus and for us, we want to follow Jesus in his way of thinking and in his way of living. Let his wisdom become our wisdom of life. Let his life be an example for our life. Let us find time for ourselves to listen to the words of Jesus, a time of prayer and reflection and contemplation. It is a time, when we pour out our hearts into the heart of Jesus, and then we allow Jesus, to pour out into our hearts his love, his life, his wisdom. Some of God’s wisdom we receive by thinking and contemplating the wisdom and plan of God for us and for everyone. But there is another part of God’s wisdom, that we get directly from God, when we open our hearts to receive his gift of wisdom in prayer and expectation, like pouring water into a jar.

   As Jesus says to the Samaritan woman in Jn 4:14; “whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again”, and the woman answered: “give me that water then I will never be thirsty again, nor will I have to come here to draw water”. With her we ask Jesus to nourish our hearts and our souls always. Lord, teach us the wisdom of life and the wisdom of your love, so that receiving it with faith, we may be prepared to share our life with you and with others.

   Let us not be jealous of others: in service, in work, in prayer or rest, but let us focus on our own relationship with Jesus in all those activities. The true relationship with Jesus will help us to become the best that we can be for God and for others and this will make us happy.

God bless everyone always!!!

Fr. Stan