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 Please Read: Letter From Bishop John Barres


Important Notice: All activities including mass and Religious Education classes (this includes RCIA classes) are cancelled until further notice. Please read on for further details.

Aviso Importante: Todas las actividades, incluyendo misa y clases de Educacion Religiosa (tambien clases de RICA), seran cancelados hasta nuevo aviso. Para mas detalles, continue leyendo.




From Our Pastor:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

During this time of heightened awareness and necessary caution, please keep social distancing and use precautions to lessen exposure and risk. Follow the rules called for by the Governor of NY State.

1. The Parish Office will be closed. For all things contact office by telephone 631 273 8113 and Secretary or one of the Priests will answer your call and resolve the issue that you may have.

2. The Church will remain open daily from 8:00am until 8:00pm for private prayer. Avoid group gatherings.

3. On Sunday will live-stream Masses on the internet through Parish Facebook at 9:00am Spanish

11:00am English

12:30pm French-Creole.

Masses are celebrated in the Chapel but they are all private, without people, except those who help to set up and put it on line on Sunday.

All Mass intentions will be fulfilled during the private Masses celebrated by our Priests as they were requested, and we will celebrate Masses daily. Hopefully we stay healthy to do so.

4. Outreach Office is closed, but we will serve food for those who are in need by telephone appointment through Parish Office. We will serve food as long as supplies last.

5.  Baptisms, Weddings, and Quinceañeras will be postponed until such time, as we are permitted to have regular gatherings. Parish secretary will call you to rearrange the dates.

6.  There are no Confessions. If you need to talk to the priest, please call the office. Priest will call you back and if necessary, we will make an appointment for confession. Try to follow the website and Facebook, we will put there Holy Fathers Indulgence statement, for those who pray for and help others with the virus. 

7.  No Funerals will be celebrated, no wakes. The Masses and Vigils for our beloved dead we can celebrate after the restrictions are lifted.

8. Family Faith Formation, and RCIA programs have been moved to on line classes and instructions.

Follow the instructions of our Director of Religious Education and those responsible for the RCIA.

9. For any information or need, please call the parish office 

631 273 8113 or check our Parish Website or Facebook.

Sorry if there were blimps or no voice during the Mass transmissions,

but if there were live pictures so at least you know we are ok. 

We will try to improve only. For any observations on transmissions please talk to Dn. Andres – our super camera Man.

Please stay healthy and keep social distancing. Don’t make gatherings for prayer except through telephone and internet. We don’t want to spread the virus.

God bless Everyone !!! 

Fr. Stan


By Deacon John

Tuesday March 31, 2020 - Tuesday in the 5th week of Lent

1 Cor.  1: 18-19

    Our reflection is taken today from the mid morning hour of prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours.  It’s from one of the most recognized books of the Bible, St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.  

    St.  Paul’s writings fill almost the entire body of the New Testament.  His letter here to the Corinthians addresses a fundamental question.  How is it that any person calling themself a Christian would think it is appropriate to follow a Man who was in fact a convicted criminal (though Jesus was innocent) and was subsequently crucified on a cross?  How is it that you and I would not only follow this Man, but essentially place our entire salvation on One who died such an ignoble death?

    For us 2,000 years later the stigma of the Cross is not only something we probably don’t give much thought to, in fact we see the Cross as something to be proud of.  Just look around and see how many people wear a cross around their necks.  

    2,000 years ago, this was not the case.  The death of Jesus and the type of death He suffered was really a cause for scandal.  Criminals and insurrectionists were those crucified, not someone who came as the Prince of Peace.  

    St.  Paul knew this well.  In his opening part of this letter he addresses this point blank with the Corinthians.  He writes that “the message of the Cross is complete absurdity to those who are headed for ruin”.  To those people who refuse to see how God can change our perceptions, our way of understanding Him, St.  Paul tells us they are headed for ruin. Because the idea of someone on a Cross as Saviour is on the surface absurd.  

    Some modern scholars give us the analogy that how would you and I feel if Jesus was here with us today and was arrested and put to death via lethal injection?  Would you still follow Him? It’s an interesting question. Our Lord came for us. In order for us to have the opportunity for salvation He indeed had to take all our sins upon Himself and take them to the Cross.  Praise God that He did so.  

    It doesn't make sense that God did what He did the way He did it. There seems that there would be an easier way to provide us with the opportunity for salvation.  But there wasn’t another way. There was only God’s way. The right way.  

    I think about this and as I said it doesn't make sense.    St. Paul knows this as he writes “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and thwart the cleverness of the clever”.  St. Paul quotes our Lenten companion , Isaiah here for Isaiah 29.  

    What does all this mean?  That God’s ways are not my ways.  As His disciple I must follow where and how He leads me even if it doesn't make sense.  Especially when the way doesn't make sense.  

    God’s ways not only encompass how I act and behave toward Him and each of you.  God’s ways also encompass how I even think about Him and all that He was done.  

    Some demand signs others demand wisdom St.  Paul tells us a little further in his letter.  But to those of you who are called by God, no matter who you are, It’s always Christ.  Christ who is the Power of God. Christ who is the wisdom of God.

Peace and Blessings

Deacon John

For our prayer today, please offer your intentions for those guests who utilize our Soup Kitchen.  While all our lives have been upended, those who live on the margins need our continued support, both materially and prayerfully.  When you go shopping please remember to pick up items for Outreach to bring with you once we are able to return to Church.

I washed my hands so much they’re chapped.  If you don’t have chapped hands you probably aren’t washing enough!