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All Catholics who can, SHOULD get a COVID-19 Vaccine.
But which ones are most desirable and what are your Catholic responsibilities.

Many of the vaccines available, or in development, use "cell lines initially derived from an aborted fetus," in one of the four stages of the manufacture of the COVID-19 vaccine. This has caused some Catholics to reject being vaccinated, because they should oppose any products that benefit from abortion. However, this reasoning causes them to violate the second part of "The Greatest Commandment" - specifically:

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself." (Mark 12:31)

If one rejects the vaccine to protest the "evil of abortion," and contracts the COVID-19 virus, They could spread it to other people (their neighbors), who suffer or die from the virus - they have failed to comply with "love of their neighbor."

However two things the Catholic should do:

  1. Try to select a vaccine that LEAST USES cell lines derived from an aborted fetus. That is why currently, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are preferred to the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines.
  2. Show your objection to abortion by voicing that you are consenting to receive the vaccine under protest. 

More detailed information has been released by the Diocese of Rockville Centre, the USCCB and the NCBC, which can be found below on this page.